Friday, August 24, 2012

Using Self-Control in the Thrift Store

Y'all, I LOVE going to the thrift store! It is so much fun finding unique items for very little money! My thrifting philosophy has changed some over the years, though. In years past, if I just kinda liked something, or if it just kinda fit, I'd buy it. I mean, it was at the thrift store! Three dollars! Who can beat that? Soon, my closet was full of things I never wore, because once I got them home I realized they didn't fit properly.

After 2 MAJOR closet purges I have a very new method of attack at the thrift store (or any store for that matter). First of all, I have to LOVE it! This is one way of insuring that even if I do have a lot of clothes, it is still a manageable amount and they all get worn. This also helps me to have a closet that really projects my personality and sense of personal style. Second of all, if there are stains that I can't easily hide, then it goes straight back to the rack. Third of all, if you see something at the store that is so pretty and in brand new condition, but you have something very similar in your closet at home, put it back. Last of all, try it on! I like to see how it looks on me, if it isn't flattering, don't buy it. If it's too small, put it back. If it's too big and can't be easily altered, leave it at the store! In applying these principles your closet will hold clothes that you actually wear and this makes it so much easier to mix and match your wardrobe to make new outfits with what you already have :-)

I went to the thrift store yesterday, and I want to show you the goodies I left at the store as well as the goodies I came home with.

The goodies that stayed at the store:

This is one of those dresses that could be a skirt as well. I would NEVER wear a strapless dress without something over it (like a jacket) or a shirt under it. This just wasn't flattering to my body as a skirt or as a dress. It hit me at the "awkward length," you know it isn't mid-calf and it isn't maxi skirt length either. I'm 5'1", the awkward length looks really bad on me!!!

This is a dress that I was going to take up on the sides and make it into a maxi skirt. Once I got it on, I just wasn't loving it on me.

This picture really doesn't do this dress justice. The fabric is textured and it's a pretty off white color. I was going to make this into a skirt, but it just wasn't working for me at all.

This dress is super cute! I really like the way it looks on me and would be so versatile. But I have a gray dress it a t-shirt fabric in a very similar style already (that I got at the same thrift store!). Therefore, it stayed at the store.

I loved this Gap shirt!!! I loved the color and the rosettes! But, I'm short; things always hang just a little bit lower on me than they do on "normal" people. Let's just say that it looked like certain sensitive body parts were sprouting rosettes. Not flattering at all!

These pictures do not do these next two items justice AT ALL! We live in an area that has a large minority of Indian (from India) people. Therefore, pretty much every time I go to the thrift store, I can find beautiful Indian clothing! This tunic was so pretty!!! But it was just too tight in the arms, and wasn't comfortable. Therefore, it stayed at the store.

I was really sad to not get this... It was so pretty! Oh man, I wish there was a way for me to fix this... But the sleeves and armholes were just too tight and uncomfortable. Therefore *sniffles* it stayed at the Goodwill.

Now, for the two pretties that actually came home with me :-)

Before I start any rumors... I am NOT pregnant...
This is a Motherhood Maternity dress. I tied the sash really tight so I would not look preggo ;-)

I love this dress! It reminds me of something for the 40's :-)

This dress was only $5! Totally worth getting now and saving for the future.

I just had to show off my ring ;-)

Proof that it is a maternity dress. The wind was blowing against me, so the dress looks kinda funny in this picture.

This is another one of my Indian finds! It's too big, so I'm holding in the back. This is what I want it to look like :-) It doesn't have a zipper in the back, so my plan is to take it up in the back and add a zipper.

Too big, but easily made to be the right size! This was also only $5!

Do y'all have any other thrifting principles that help you be a smarter shopper?

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  1. I love shopping at the thrift store too! Love your finds.

  2. @Melissa, Thanks!

    @Christine, Aren't thrift stores the best?! Blissful and Domestic blog has really inspired me to try to be more diligent in utilizing my local thrift stores!

  3. So cute - I love the Maternity dress.

  4. Thanks, Kristen! When you are feeling better you should give us some tips on maternity fashion :-)

    1. Haha! I will keep that in mind, once I get out of the "all I want to do is wear sweats" phase. Sooooo flattering ;D