Sunday, December 16, 2012

Playing House's Favorite Money Saving Sites

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Just a few minutes ago I posted on Facebook how sad I was that there were NO COUPONS in today's paper :'-( Anyhoo, one of my friends asked me if I had any tips on matching ads to coupons to help save time. The past couple of times I have done it myself, and it did take a couple of hours. For me, that's ok. I'm a housewife with no kids. Hey, if I'm saving money, I don't mind spending a couple of hours matching coupons and ads! Plus, I'm a nerd so I actually think the process is fun. I can see how this process would be many times more difficult if you had children though! There are some websites that I hear are great, but I haven't checked them out yet, so that's another blog post.

This is about my favorite money saving blogs! Sometimes these blogs post coupons, sometimes they post good deals found in store or on the internet. My absolute favorite is when the post freebies!

1) Budget Savvy Diva 
       I've been following Budget Savvy Diva casually for a few months. A month or two ago is when I started really paying close attention to her posts. She posts every hour, on the hour about great internet deals, hot coupons, and freebies. I like to check her site at least 2-3 times a day through Google Reader because sometimes you have to act fast to get the deals that she posts. I haven't bought a whole lot of the things she has recommended so far, mostly because I just didn't need to spend the money. I have signed up for lots of freebies! None have made it to my doorstep yet because it usually takes 6-8 weeks after signing up for the product to make it to you. 

BSD also posts frugal recipes and household hints. If you are going to follow only one money saving blog, this is to one to follow!

2) Gluten Freely Frugal
     This site posts a lot of gluten free deals and coupons. Gluten free food can be VERY expensive, so any little bit helps! While this site's main focus is on a GF lifestyle, she posts deals and coupons that aren't GF as well as non-food items. I was notified of a Staples deal for a free pack of printer paper (no longer live). This is a hot deal for me since I print a lot of coupons!

GFF also posts recipes.

3) The Peaceful Mom
    The Peaceful Mom is a savings blog mixed with a lifestyle blog. Like the others, she posts deals and coupons. I got a free Ted Dekker book thanks to a post from TPM! One of her children has to eat GF for medical reasons, so she posts GF meals and deals as well. She is also quite open and honest about her family's financial situation and posts practical tips to living well on a tight budget (see her series about Living on Less Than $28,000/yr).

**Remember, just because you see a really awesome deal on one of these or any other sites, you aren't saving money if you 1) don't have to money to spend, or 2) won't use the product! Shop wisely and have fun!


  1. I love Hip2Save! I haven't subscribed to the Sunday paper here yet. Need to do that soon so I can start couponing again!

  2. I'll have to check that site out! I don't subscribe to our paper, I just go to Walmart on our way home from church and get one :-)

  3. There are also a lot of great internet coupons!

  4. Do you have a Publix nearby? is my favorite website for couponing. It's great because of the weekly BOGO sales paired with coupons.